Regulations of the Torwar II Ice rink
Piruet S. C. is the organizer of public slides, ice skates rental and Icemaster service.

1) Persons holding a valid admission ticket shall be authorised to use the ice rink.
2) The ticket must be kept for inspection at all times while using the ice rink.
3) Persons purchasing a ticket for a childminder shall not be granted access to the ice rink.
4) Reduced ticket is available to children, young people and students up to 26 years of age on presentation of a valid ID.
5) The purchased pass is valid for ten times entry to the ice rink by one person.
6) The participants of slides take the risk of amateur sport.
7) Be as careful as possible while driving and throughout the entire area of the facility.
8) We recommend wearing gloves and a safety helmet, especially for young children.
9) Children under 7 years of age may use the ice rink only under the supervision of adults.
10) It is the duty of persons using the ice rink to follow the organizer’s instructions and to follow the instructions given by the speakers.
11)The organizer is not responsible for things left outside the cloakroom supervised by the staff.
12) The organizer is not responsible for damage to valuable equipment brought to the ice surface (e. g. mobile phones).
13) Persons who are in a condition indicating the consumption of alcohol or other intoxicants shall not be permitted to remain on the premises of the facility.
14) Persons breaking the rules will be removed from the ice without the right to return their tickets.
15) Anyone who constantly breaks the rules will not be allowed to enter the ice rink.
16) Complaints and comments on the functioning of the slides may be made to the organisers or the site manager.
17) Any accidents occurring on the ice should be absolutely reported to the operators of the ice rink.

Persons using the ice rink are prohibited:
1) Racing, dangerous games, running against the current, hitting and undercutting.
2) Riding with children on their hands.
3) Long skate rides (panchen rides), hockey club rides, rucksack rides, bag rides, etc.
4) Bringing food, beverage cans and bottles and other dangerous items onto the ice surface.
5) Snow throwing.
6) To sit on the ice rink.
7) Walking on the surface of an ice rink in footwear.
8) Smoking and drinking alcohol.

Rental rules

1) Skates are borrowed on bail in the amount of 100 PLN per 1 pair of skates.

2) The amount of the loan must be paid in accordance with the current price list.

3) It is possible to rent skates without a deposit, on a voluntary leaving a valid document with a photo, in accordance with the conditions specified in these regulations:

a. The Rental keep the document until it has been collected personally by the Lender

b. The documents of parents, other family members or friends will not be accepted if they are not present at the loan and do not agree to leave the document. The person leaving the document is considered to be the lender.

c. A maximum of two pairs of skates are borrowed per document. Skates rented for one document must be returned together.

d. The document left behind will be returned to the Lender upon its request.

e. The Lender, when returned the ice skates, should clearly indicate his name and surname included in the document.

f. The employee checks whether the name and surname the borrower is correct with the contents of the document and whether the borrower is the same person in the picture. The Lender is obliged to check the correctness of the document before leaving the Rental.

g. If the rented skates are not returned or if the rented skates are returned damaged, the Lessee is obliged to pay an additional fee in accordance with the price list for each pair of non-returned/damaged skates.

h. If the Lessee fails to pay the additional fee in accordance with point d. of the Lending Agreement, the Lending Party shall, when returning the document, keep the Lessee’s personal data necessary for the claims of not returning / destroying the Lending Party’s skates. These data include the name, address, date of birth or PESEL of the Lessee and, for minors, the name and address of the minor’s legal representative. The Lessee accepts the receipt of the document without returning the rented ice skates.

i. Personal data contained in documents are not and will not be processed in any other way than indicated in item a. above. h. above, and in particular are not and will not be copied, recorded, processed or made available.

4) Ice skates are only borrowed for one session/class period.

5) If the skates are not returned after the end of the session, a fee will be charged for each commenced hour according to the price list applicable for standard skates rental.

6) For the loss or destruction of ice skates, an additional fee will be charged at the current market price of the new ice skate.

7) Ice skates must be cleaned of snow and be fitted with plastic boot swabs.

8)You should return the skates as soon as possible after the end of session.

9) There is a queue for both the hire and the returned of skates.

10) Ice skates are replaced out of sequence.

11) It is prohibited to use skates on surfaces not adapted to the surface (e. g. concrete)

12) Everyone using the facility is obliged to familiarize themselves with the above regulations and to comply with their rules.

13) comments on the operation of the rental company should be addressed to the organiser of the rental company, i. e. Piruet S. C.

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